Do you know that Microsoft Surface Book 2 Data Recovery is very common in the whole of Australia? Well, because the black screen of Death is one of the average Windows issues when the working frameworks can’t boot. Actually, like any BSOD issue, when you turn on your laptop, rather than the Windows logo, you see a black screen on your Surface Book 2. 

Regardless of how frequently you restart your laptop, it doesn’t continue in front of the black screen. Furthermore, this Surface Book 2 issue keeps you from getting to anything on your laptop. 

Also, it may require some time investment to sort out the genuine reason for the Surface Book black screen issue, but it actually gets irritating. 

Think it like this, you are urgently needed to send a significant email to your client. However, the second you attempt to start your laptop, you stall out with the black screen issue. 

In this blog, we have talked about different reasons for the Surface Pro black screen of death issue. It likewise incorporates six supportive tips to tackle the issue and a proficient method for recuperating unsaved or lost information.

What causes a black screen in Microsoft Surface Book 2 & Pro 3/4?

With regards to discovering the core reason for the Microsoft Surface black screen issue, nobody can find it easily. No one can tell what’s causing the issue except if you review every one of the potential parts of the errors. Here are some potential reasons prompting the Surface Pro 3 black screen.

  • Missing Operating System Files
  • Malware Intrusion 
  • Heating of hardware parts
  • Errors while updating

Here are some of the successful techniques to fix the Surface Book black screen issue.

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Quickly disconnect the accessories 

Sometimes, the outer gadgets plugged with your Microsoft Surface Pro 4 can make your Windows working unbootable. It’s a situation where these gadgets freeze your laptop. For this situation, you should separate every one of the outside gadgets from your Surface Book 2 and Pro 3 as well. 

Now, you can likewise have a go at disconnecting every accessory connected from your laptop, including mouse, console, external drives, like USB, etc. In the wake of eliminating them all, attempt to reboot your laptop and check whether Surface Book 2 issues endure or not.

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What if the cable is faulty?

On the off chance that the past strategy doesn’t resolve the Surface Book black screen issue, there may be something different causing the issue. A flawed charging cable could likewise impact the manner in which your laptop charges. 

In any case, how might you conceivably know if the Surface Pro charging cable is working or not? Microsoft Surface cables have little LED lights toward the end; you can undoubtedly let know if the link is defective. The LEDs ought to be lit the entire time while you’re working.

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Charge your Surface Book

The answer to the Microsoft Surface black screen issue is more straightforward than you may suspect. In case you are utilizing a gadget for some time without charging, your laptop’s battery may be running out of force. 

In such a situation, you should, first, plug in the charger. Tap on the power button to check whether or not your laptop boots. Assuming it does, that was what caused the Surface Pro black screen of death. 

Try force shut down and restart method

Very much like force restart, power shutdown could be a compelling strategy, if your Surface Pro isn’t working.  You won’t be losing any information or record while performing it. Follow the strategies underneath to turn on your PC. 

  • Strategy 1: Tap and hold the gadget power key for 30 seconds or till your screen winds down. Release the power key once it does. 
  • Strategy 2: Tap and hold the volume up key and power key simultaneously for 15 seconds or until the system closes down. When it does, discharge both the keys.

Soft reset your Surface 

Try soft restarting your laptop. A power restart will not influence your documents, programs, or any default settings. 

  • Stage 1: Tap and hold the Power button for 15 seconds. 
  • Stage 2: Now, discharge the power button. 
  • Stage 3: Turn on the laptop by tapping the power button. 

Seek professional help!

If every one of the past techniques doesn’t work out to settle the Surface Pro black screen of death issue. Then, hire a Microsoft Surface Book 2 Data Recovery expert who can help you understand the root cause of your issue. 

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