If someone needs computer repair in Melbourne, then there are various companies available in Melbourne. Many local companies can assist people with their desktop and PC repairs, whether they are home users or small businesses. The digital age has also flourished all over the world now. Our civilization can hardly put a step forward, ignoring the effects of computers on today’s world. The laptop is one of the most indispensable parts of the daily life of any business or anything else. Almost 91% of Australian households with children have computers, and 86% have home internet connectivity.

But people face problems often while deciding whether to buy a new computer or repair the old one, once it starts malfunctioning. The problem primarily occurs because most repairs don’t turn out fruitful enough as the computer remains a malfunctioning device. But the troubles are over now, as Several IT consultants, including the leading companies in the information technology field, have extended their computer repairing and maintenance services in Melbourne. They know that downtime can create havoc within the business, costing time and money for the people. This is why all their service vans also carry the local servers and an extensive range of replacement parts so that the computer engineers can get people back online as quickly as possible.

Their services include:

  • Hardware/software problems
  • Email issues
  • Computer Upgrades
  • New PC installations
  • Data recovery
  • Wireless/internet problems
  • Virus removal
  • Internet security
  • Broken keyboards
  • Liquid damage
  • Laptop screen replacement

How to find an IT consultant in Melbourne

Many IT consultants provide their services in Melbourne. They have been trusted and productive IT firms in Australia over the years. Thus search ‘computer repair Melbourne’ or “onsite computer support Melbourne and Perth” on the internet as you can quickly check Century IT Consultant from the list. Century ITC provides onsite computer repair in Melbourne and Perth through their expertly built teams which provide up-to-date, prompt, quality, and professional technical support from the IT consultants.

The prices they demand

When it comes to computer repair, Melbourne always believes in being upfront and honest about its prices. They always give an initial quote to the customer so that there are no nasty surprises when the bill is settled. If additional costs arise during the fix in the process, they will let you know these before going any further. In other words, they will not carry out any repair work without the permission of the owner. Once the work is completed, they will also tell you the underlying cause of the problem, the steps needed to fix them, and an accurate repair cost of the computer, which includes any replacement parts that would be required at any time.

Century IT consultants provide onsite computer support in Melbourne and Perth or maintenance services and provide varieties of technological solutions for firms and individuals. They also offer their services in managed IT services to Law, Finance, and many other firms. They also provide web development and IT solutions, including backup storage, cloud services, IT security, business IT support, field support, and many more. However, one of the fields of their uniqueness and quality service is data recovery. Suppose someone’s hard disk malfunctioned, and the internal computer memory got formatted, which thereby creates a truckload of problems in personal and professional life.

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But, the accidental data deletion problem no longer remains a priority issue as an expert yet friendly team from IT consultants aid people in recovering their data. Their data recovery service includes Hard drive data recovery, USB data recovery, SSD data recovery, SD card (memory card) data recovery, Android data recovery, iPhone and Macbook data recovery, Raid and NAS data recovery, etc. Sometimes they also provide SEO marketing and Graphic design services for firms. Thus, extending their technical support in diverse aspects of computers of different operating systems, IT Consultants in computer repair Melbourne have made the life of computer users in Australia easier.


Suppose someone needs an expert consultation or further information regarding computer repair in Melbourne. In that case, they can contact customer care of the Century IT consultants to resolve their queries and get onsite computer support in Melbourne and Perth. Century IT Consultants website also contain a blog starring up-to-date contents about the technological world and standard computer and MacBook problems that can arise and ways of fixing them on their own, such that people can save time by not hurrying to the experts every time their computer or MacBook faces some minute and problems which can be solved on their own by staying in homes. Many small teams of specialist computer engineers have all the necessary skills to get back up the computer and run them in no time at all.