Laptops are the preferred choice for a personal computer for a majority of people today. They are extremely reliable and portable in most situations which makes them the ideal companion for the urban nomad. However, they are also delicate, and if not taken care of can get damaged quite easily. If you are experiencing a situation in which your laptop isn’t functioning properly, it may be a sign that your computer needs repair. Here are a few red flags that can indicate the same. If you see any of these, be sure to immediately contact computer help in Melbourne to ensure the safety of your trusted machine.

The Battery May Not Charge

If your laptop battery isn’t charging fully or at all, or if your laptop isn’t able to maintain the same charge it did when brand new, the problem can be in the battery itself. Most laptops use Lithium-ion Batteries which tend to degrade over time. If your laptop is older than two years, then your battery may most likely be nearing the end of its life. This may sometimes be indicated with a red ‘X’ shown on the battery indicator in your operating system.

However, another cause for this can be a damaged adapter cable, or in the worst-case scenario – the charging port on your laptop. While its easy to simply buy a new laptop battery, repairing the charging port is something you should always rely on an expert for.

Shutting Down without a Reason

Sometimes when your laptop shuts down unexpectedly during a task, then your computer may be hiding some underlying issues. These issues can be persistent at times, and may not even be obvious at first. One of the cases here can be a battery problem, and we have mentioned the checks for that above. It can also indicate a screen error, and the best way to check that is to hear for the sounds of your computer running. If you can hear it, then its definitely a screen error.

However, shutting down without a reason can also have some other complicated reasons such as overheating in the CPU or a failing hard drive. If the above checks fail, then you should definitely consider taking your computer to a professional computer repair service and check the underlying issue.

Blue Screen of Death

The infamous blue screen of death is something quite common with Windows users, and it happens because windows based operating systems have contingencies in place to prevent your computer from encountering severe errors in the future. Therefore, when the operating system detects a problem building up, it prefers to shut the computer down and give you a blue screen with an error message. This has been nicknamed the blue screen of death since it often indicates a severe problem with the software of your computer.

In most cases, this error requires users to reinstall their windows operating system and start off fresh. However, it is always a better idea to find a professional providing pc repair in Melbourne since this will ensure that you don’t lose most of your information while factory resetting your computer system.

Programs are Getting Slow

Computers including laptops run with their main chip which is called the Central Processing Unit, or CPU for short. This chipset performs all the functions of your computer, however it also degrades with time, heat, and general wear. There is no way to replace your CPU alone, and in most cases replacing your motherboard for a new one is not worth the price. In such cases, you should get a new computer and try selling the old one away.

However, if your computer is under three years old and is still slowing down, then the issue can be fixed. For some, it may be because your RAM or Random Access Memory is falling short. If this is the case with you, then you should probably contact computer help in Melbourne to help you upgrade your computer RAM. It can also be a sign of a virus attack or fragmented hard drive, and a professional should be able to help you with both cases.

Laptop Getting Too Hot

While the name Laptop may indicate that its meant for your lap, this is rarely advisable. Laptops are not as open as desktop computers are and they may get too hot if you keep them on your lap since this can block the airflow vents under your laptop.

However, if your laptop has been heating up even when on a table, you should contact a professional since this can indicate one of three things – the fans and vents have dust, the fans aren’t working properly, or your thermal paste has dried up. Heat is very dangerous for your computer and can cause your CPU to wear down faster, so its best to contact a professional providing pc repair in Melbourne at the first sign of heating.

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If you see any of the above issues, its best to not wait and contact a professional like Century IT to help you fix your computer and get it back to working condition fast.