Viruses have become a big problem for computer users around the world as well as in Australia. Attackers deploy them to damage or take control of others’ computers. The name “virus” has been derived from the way it infects the target computer. A computer virus is a code snippet inserted into an application. When you run the application, the virus code executes and does the damage it was created for.

Today, when Melbourne is becoming a global leader in the technical revolution, you must know how to keep your computer safe from these viruses. But you also must be quick to take action and reach your nearest Computer Repair Center if any virus infects your system.

How a Computer Repair Center Can Guide You to Keep the Virus Away?

A good Laptop Repair Store will guide you to check for the following things to avoid viruses: 

  • Standard precaution- Don’t click on any link, attachment or download any document unless you trust its source. Though it is well-known advice, many tend to forget it very often
  • Be cautious when you browse- Though you need not be afraid of opening any site that seems out of place, try to avoid things that seem sketchy
  • Check the URL for the right website- There are thousands of fake websites on the internet. Beware of them! You can easily recognize the fake one if you take a quick look at the website name. E.g.: you can find “” instead of “” While the latter two are genuine, both the former ones are fake. Such sites may also request you to enter your details and then use them for some wrong purposes
  • Check for an SSL certificate- You may even check the SSL certificate, ensuring that any information entered won’t be accessible to any third party. It is the small lock beside the website’s URL
  • Beware of sketchy ads- Well, one of the primary sources of viruses nowadays is the content floating illegally on the net. People generally use this content to view their favorite shows or sports without any payment or fee. If you are one of them, then you need to be cautious. Don’t click on any ads that you see there. Preferably use an adblocker.

Do You Need To Pay For An Antivirus?

To protect your device from the threat of antivirus, you often visit a Computer Repair Center Melbourne to buy an antivirus. Many think that if it’s paid, then it’s better. Well, that’s not entirely true. They usually do the opposite of what you’ve purchased them for. They slow down your device by either forcing b`loatware onto your computer or make you download extensions. 

It’s pretty contradictory that you get such antivirus to stop your computer from slowing down, and it does exactly that to your device. In this case, the best you can do is to stick to the security your computer came with. Now, you can consult an expert working in any nearby Laptop Repair store to which antivirus you should buy.

Windows Defender is the best.

You might be thinking that if it is so, then do people pay for antivirus? Frankly, Windows defender catches almost all the prevalent malware. (up to 99.9% as per some studies). So, the paid antivirus is a little more efficient at that part (wait! even they don’t provide 100% safety). 

An expert working at a reputed Computer Repair Store in Melbourne will say that the paid antivirus does perform marginally better than the defender. But the difference won’t come to your notice. Instead, what you’ll notice are those annoying pop-ups that paid antivirus keeps on posing at you. 

Windows defender, on the other hand, does its job quite smoothly and very rarely notifies you. Adding on to that is that it’s free. So, unless you want to contribute to the antivirus community, remember that windows defender does all that you’ll be paying for. That’s what any learned folk in a Laptop Repair Store will say as well. 

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Even More Protection: Monthly Malware Scans

If you want extra protection, then one thing you can do is to use a malware scanner every month to check whether you’ve picked up any virus. Malwarebytes is a good platform for these and provides both free and paid versions. You can get it installed by visiting any Laptop Repair Store in Melbourne

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Suppose you have started feeling that paid antivirus is useless, well not at all! You must note that all the above suggestions are for personal devices. Businesses and corporates are at a much higher risk of catching the virus and thus opt for paid antivirus. Still, if your device picks up any virus, then virus removal can be carried out at any Laptop Repair Centers in Melbourne.

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