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Complete USER Guide WD My Cloud™


About WD My Cloud: WD My Cloud is a personal cloud storage system that's high-performance, secure, and easy to use. It works with all your devices so you can access your files from anywhere. WD My Cloud lets you store your files, photos, and music in one safe place. It works with all your devices so you can access them from anywhere. No more trips to the office when you need a file. My Cloud is a powerful, yet simple

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Thecus NAS N2310 Complete Review


The Thecus N2310 NAS is a worthy buy if you're looking for a business-class network-attached storage solution with an affordable price tag and a feature set that many higher-priced models lack. First-time setup and RAID configuration are not easy for first-time users. This means that the Thecus N2310 is not a good idea for novice users. Unfortunately, you can't just plug in your own hard drive and expect the N2310 to be ready for action. You'll need to format your

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Recovering Data from an Undetected Hard Drive


If you see a message that indicates that your hard drive is detected by your computer, you should be ready to deal with one of many problems that your hard drive may have encountered. You can get an error message that says “boot device missing” when you booting up your computer. You can also see a similar message when you attach an external hard drive to the computer and you are asked to either format or initialize the drive before

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Onsite Computer Repair Services

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy:

Privacy and confidentiality of customer’s data is our first priority and we keep all your data confidential. We keep all data on your media ( hard drive , mobile phone , flash drives , SD / Micro SD cards , NAS box , RAID arrays ) private and confidential and we use your media for the purpose of data recovery only. We might need to test and check the health of recovered data to make sure there is no corrupted data on the final recovery result . Your privacy is our priority and we respect it.