A bootable USB enables you to install Windows 11 without the help of an optical drive. Prior to the release of Windows 10, it was known as the ‘Windows 9 installer’. The USB approach is a lot more convenient than the DVD/ISO whenever your optical drive refuses to function or takes forever to load some ISO image files. If you are trying to create a Windows 11 bootable USB on a modern PC that is about three years old or less, you may not need any of these tools because Windows 7 and Windows 8 should be able to create a USB with the correct bootloader for Windows 11.

This is a simple table of content that will help you whenever you face issues while creating a bootable Windows 11 USB.

Create a Windows 11 Bootable USB

To install Windows 11 from a USB, you will have to download the Windows 11 installation file and create a bootable USB. The steps involved in creating a bootable Windows 11 USB are as follows:

  1.  Run Rufus on any Windows device and you’ll see how easy it is to install Windows 11 onto a USB device. The interface is minimal, you don’t even need to know what the correct parameters are for installing Windows, let alone manually change each one of them. Just hit the button and Rufus does all the work for you.

Follow the Below Steps:

  1. plug the USB thumb drive
  2.  launch Rufus
  3. Click on Select
  4. Choose Windows 11 ISO image

I would recommend running Rufus on the same PC where you wish to install Windows 11. It allows you to automatically specify the correct values based on your system configuration.


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  1. Creating the bootable USB on another computer? You want to check the partition scheme of the target machine first and whether it’s GPT or MBR. If it’s GPT, you have more options.

Steps to Check:

  1. Open the “Disk Management” by pressing the “Windows + X” 
  2. Right-click on “Disk 0”, open “Properties”
  3. Switch to Volumes 
  4. Verify the Partition style
  5. It’s MBR or GPT

Check the Screenshot for your Reference:

  1. To flash the Windows 11 USB stick, keep everything as default and click “START”. Once the flashing process is complete, you can close Rufus and plug the Windows 11 USB stick into the target machine.

Clean Install Windows 11 From a Bootable USB

Clean Install Windows 11 From a Bootable USB makes you able to install Windows 11 from a bootable USB drive. 

  1. In order to install Windows 11 from USB, you need to restart your computer at the point when it starts booting. As you boot up, you have to keep pressing the key all the way through the process until Windows starts installing.
  2. Then, press “F9” to open the Boot Device Options. Here, select the thumb drive that you created and then hit enter.
  3. When you have finished choosing your settings and you are ready to install Windows 11, click on Next -> Install.
  4. Select “I don’t have a product key”
  5. If you have a laptop with activated Windows, the edition will be selected automatically based on your earlier configuration. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to select the Windows 11 edition
  6. Now click on the Custom setting. This gives you the option to install Windows to a specific drive, so that you do not have to erase the whole disk.
  7. When installing Windows, select your C Drive from the partition screen and continue. You will lose all files on your desktop, downloads, and documents saved inside C drive.
  8. There you go! You have successfully installed Windows 11 from the USB drive on your computer.
  9. When the installation is finished, you will need to restart your computer. Upon the restart, remove that USB stick from your computer. Windows 11 will boot up automatically. During the bootup process, remove that USB stick from your computer.

Now, go ahead and try out all of the new Windows 11 features on your computer. It includes a new centered start menu, redesigned Microsoft Store with Android app support, widgets, new action center, voice typing, and much more. Please let us know in the comments section if you run into any data loss and technical issues while installing Windows 11 from the USB drive. We would love to assist you in case you missed a step from our tutorial.

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