About WD My Cloud:

WD My Cloud is a personal cloud storage system that’s high-performance, secure, and easy to use. It works with all your devices so you can access your files from anywhere.

WD My Cloud lets you store your files, photos, and music in one safe place. It works with all your devices so you can access them from anywhere. No more trips to the office when you need a file.

My Cloud is a powerful, yet simple to use tool for centralizing your digital content. With the ability to create shared folders and automatically sync files between devices, My Cloud is a great way to keep your content up-to-date on every computer, mobile device, and smartphone you rely upon. Share files with your Mac and PC. Stream media to your DLNA-compatible devices like game consoles and TVs using the My Cloud player app. Access your files anytime, anywhere with the WD My Cloud apps or the WDMyCloud.com website.  This system is also compatible with industry leading third-party cloud solutions.

This blog is a place to learn about the features and specifications of WD products and also discover other important information about your WD My Cloud™.

Complete WD My Cloud™ View:

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Amazing Features in WD My Cloud™’

My Cloud Home has the features everyone is looking for: Personal or professional use, easy access with multiple devices, everyone on your network shares and adds effortlessly, and it’s backed by the My Cloud Promise. 

Access from Anywhere
With My Cloud, you can share your files with anyone from anywhere. Its compact design makes it easy to move from room to room, and is even compatible with your Smart TV so you can stream music and videos from your personal cloud. WD’s free apps let you connect to a world of possibilities – a personal cloud that’s accessible from anywhere.

Centralized storage
With My Cloud, you can store and organize all your family’s photos, videos, music, and important documents in one secure place on your home network. My Cloud is a home cloud storage device that automatically backs up all of your digital content from your computers and mobile devices – for free – so you’ll never lose a photo again.

Automatic file backup
The My Cloud offers automatic file backup for all your computers. Easily backup all the files on your PC and Mac computers to your My Cloud, and take advantage of WD SmartWare Pro™ automatic cloud backup software and Apple Time Machine compatibility to protect the files you care about most. The My Cloud has 2 WD Reds™ hard drives for enhanced performance, and intuitive setup right out of the box.

Save Data directly from Mobile Devices
My Cloud personal cloud storage is the easiest way to access and save your digital content directly from your mobile devices. My Cloud brings together all of your photos, videos, and files from all of your mobile devices and PCs into one central location. 

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Expand storage with USB
The WD My Cloud makes it easy and convenient to access and save your content from anywhere at any time. Its stylish, compact design lets you store every digital memory safely and securely. And with the ability to easily expand your storage capacity with the USB expansion port, you’re able to keep all of your content with you – wherever life takes you.

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Fast File Transfers
WD My Cloud is built with a dual core processor and Gigabit Ethernet for optimized streaming to your DLNA devices. Available in your choice of capacities, WD My Cloud offers automatic backup software and the ability to use the My Cloud mobile app to access your files from anywhere.

Add an extra layer of protection for your files
There are a few ways to add an extra layer of protection for your files. You can automatically make a second copy, or safepoint, of your media on another NAS device or a Windows PC on your LAN, or on a USB device connected.

Need Technical Assistance
Our easy-to-use setup wizard will help you set up your drive in just a few steps. And, if you have technical issue, data loss or run into trouble, you can always call our friendly customer support team in Melbourne and Perth

Pre-installation Instructions

To ensure a smooth and easy setup, please read these instructions prior to installation.

  • Place near a grounded power outlet, laptop or in the case of some repeaters, nearby a grounded surface such as a concrete block or wooden table is a good place to start. 
  • Place it   on a stable surface free from vibration
  • Ensure that all of the slots are fully open, none are blocked by other items, and that it’s far away from heat sources.
  • Ideally, your NAS should be far away from sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Handling Precautions

The WD My Cloud is a precision instrument. Rough handling, shock, or vibration can damage the device. Observe the following precautions when unpacking and installing your external storage product:

  • This product is not designed for use as a portable drive.
  • If you drop your device or it gets jolted, it may be damaged.
  • Moving the device while it is powered on may damage the drive.

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If you use WD My Cloud, data loss and other technical faults can happen. If you do not know what to do, or if you don’t have NAS administrator experience, call Authorized WD My Cloud NAS Recovery Experts.

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