Computer hardware refers to all the physical devices and parts together comprise an operations desktop. Some of the most common computer hardware is monitor, keyboard, disk drive, cabinets, etc. Century IT Consultant is a pioneer at fixing computer malfunctions and slow speed problems, making it work as new.

Computers often face several hardware problems. While using one, you may experience randomly freezing Windows, blue screen, or Windows crash. Hard disk problem, virus attack, slow speed, etc. are other hardware-related problems. To resolve all types of hardware issues, an efficient computer technician is required. Century IT Consultant provides a one-stop solution to all matters relating to the malfunction of computer hardware.

Our Services in Ripponlea

Century IT Consultant offers the following services to our esteemed clients:

  • Computer deployment, relocation, and setup
  • Hardware installation
  • Upgrading RAM, hard drives, etc.
  • Graphics card replacement
  • Peripheral installation, configuration, networking
  • Printer setup
  • Router installation
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Hardware and software conflict resolution
  • SSD upgrade
computer hardware repair

Hard Drive Repair and Replacement

A corrupt hard drive corruption is a major issue for computer users all around the world. Not only does it affect the entire functioning of the computer but also results in data loss. There are many reasons for hard disk corruption: bad sectors, sudden system shutdown, physical damage, virus attack, water damage, and many more. The most common method to repair a corrupted hard disk is to format it. But this may cause permanent data loss. Century IT Consultant repairs all corrupted hard drives in several steps, ensure zero loss of critical data.

Power Supply Repair

No display signal or no power to the mainboard may be a power supply issue. If the computer’s power supply fails, then the whole system will remain unusable. You can rely on Century IT Consultant to resolve power supply problems. We will diagnose and identify the reason affecting the regular power supply of your machine and fix it so that your computer can run as new.

RAM Upgrade and Repair

Most common causes of RAM damage are interrupted power supply, overheating, malicious software, etc. Following problems are an indication of a faulty RAM:

  • Performance of your system is diminishing
  • Websites taking more time to load
  • Local programs running at a low speed
  • Computer randomly starts or freezes quite often
  • A blue screen with white text flashes at the start-up
  • Files getting corrupted
  • Repeatedly failure of installation of new programs

If any of the above faults are not timely solved, they may end up affecting other parts of the system as well. Century IT Consultant, with the team of expert technicians, repairs and replaces faulty RAM to minimize your downtime, thus increasing your productivity. This way, you can focus on your business operations without worrying about computer issues, no matter what kind.

Motherboard Repair

A motherboard is the connection point for all the devices that are connected to a computer. Every part of the system has to route through the motherboard. A faulty motherboard results in random freezing issues, blue screen, no display, frequent rebooting, one or more beeping sounds, etc. Failure of a motherboard may occur for many reasons. The most common reason could be unstable voltage or electrical shock, overheating of the components because of a fan failure, or any physical damage.

Since every part of a computer is interlinked with the motherboard, fault finding is a tough task that should only be performed by an experienced technician. With the help of our experienced team, Century IT Consultant provides an easy solution for any motherboard problem.

Processor Repair

CPU is the brain of the computer system, and its failure will cause the whole system to breakdown. Any fault in the CPU will result in contact loss with the motherboard, further affecting system boot-up. We, at Century IT Consultant, diagnose the actual problem and fix it either with a simple repair or a complete replacement if required.

You can rely on us for a quick repair and hassle-free service.

Graphics and Sound Card Repair

A graphics card is an essential requirement for a graphic designer, video editor, or video gamer. A damaged graphics card will freeze the picture frame while you are watching a movie. Similarly, a defective sound card will result in a soundless computer system. Century IT Consultant handles repairing as well as upgrading of all types of graphic and Sound cards, making your system more efficient.

These were some of the most common hardware problems for which Century IT Consultant is a proven reliable source of computer repair. A small computer problem will hamper your business productivity. It is recommended to go for frequent updates and effective maintenance work to keep your computer in proper condition. With over 20 years of experience, Century IT Consultant ensures the best of the computer industry services.