Technology has blessed mankind with a wonderful gift – computers. While these miracle machines have made our lives easier, if not taken proper care of, they are likely to get damaged and refuse to perform. In such times, a computer repair expert can save the day.

At Century IT Consultant, we offer end-to-end computer support and are available 24X7 to help you continue your operations seamlessly. No matter if you’re looking for computer repair or software and hardware upgrade, we will be there for you to diagnose the problem and fix it in no time. We are operational in Melbourne and Perth and have helped various businesses resume their processes by rectifying their computer failure problems.

Nothing is worse than having your computer repaired only to figure that there is another underlying problem hampering its working. This is why should a computer in your office or family network face problems, you must contact a technician that can successfully troubleshoot the problem and fix it so that there are no reoccurrences of computer failure. At Century IT Consultant, our technicians have more than 15 years of experience in offering computer help by getting to the root of the problem.

Our Computer Repair Services Claremont

Century IT Consultant offers a range of computer repair services, the majority of which are:


New Computer Setup
We are experts at setting up a new system and configure it as per your specific business requirements. You also get onsite services with trained IT professionals who setup and fix the system as per your demand.

Hardware / Software Upgrade
It is important to scrutinize and then upgrade an existing system to meet the everincreasing demands of an organization. Pur experts will conduct hardware and software upgrades to help your business run smoothly.

Data Recovery and Data backup
You can now rely on us to recover any lost or corrupted data from your computer, even if it has been deleted. Now you can remain stress-free from the worries of deletd data. We will backup all your important data in a safe space to keep it from being lost again.

Computer Repairing Services
A computer has several parts that work in harmony. In case of failure of any of the part, the entire system can come crashing down. Our computer service professionals solve all hardware failures and software problems, with onsite assistance.

Virus Removal
A good computer must have the latest and most effective virus and spyware removal tools. A computer that is unshielded is vulnerable to frequent spyware attacks, exposing your data to possible hackers. Our experts will install a good anti-virus system to prevent any threat to the machine.

Broadband or wireless internet setup with networking solutions is a growing demand in the current market. Our computer services team analyzes the requirement and provide appropriate tailor-made networking solutions.

Speed Optimization
Computer systems generally slow down with time, thus hindering your productivity. Our computer help experts optimize speed, making the systems run like new.

Maintenance Service
Frequent maintenance is recommended to keep the system up-to-date. Our services team run diagnostics on your computer to identify problems and provide the best solution for the problem diagnosed. The test includes a hard drive test, motherboard test, operating system test, etc.

IT Services
Each organization has its own set of requirements to conduct its business processes. Our experienced IT consultants understand the specific requirement and offer the best solution as per the situation.

Accessories Repair
There are number of accessories attached to a computer, like, scanner, printer, copier, keyboard, mouse, etc. Our computer support experts have the capacity to offer you same day repair services to help you carry on your processes without any hindrance.

Computer Tune-up
A P.C often requires to be tuned for the various electronic parts to work perfectly. Even basic cleaning avoids many computer problems like power wastage, memory clogging up, etc. We offer computer tuning up services like defragmentation, formatting, etc.

Why Choose Us?

Century IT Consultant makes sure to keep your machines running without any hurdles. We give support whenever required, offering round the clock assistance. We have earned the reputation of providing reliable and cost-effective services to all our valuable clients.

Century IT Consultant has its core focus on:

  • Corroborating prompt service
  • Providing cost-effective solutions
  • Working with a reliable team of experienced professionals
  • Offering round-the-clock and same day computer services
  • Providing easy accessibility and customer support
  • Giving tailor-made solutions to your requirements

Century IT consultants has resolved over thousands of computer problems with high success rate. It is worth noting here that we offer a variety of other services also, apart from fixing computers. Reach out to us for hassle-free computer support in Melbourne and Perth today!