Hello everybody! Read this blog to find out how to recover data from a crashed Synology NAS device.

Summary – We’ll discuss the solution to recover Synology data if multiple disks are physically or logically failed. In this guide, we will also discuss how you can get back your mission-critical business data if a Synology volume crash has occurred. But with prompt action, you can restore data from crashed volumes.

About Synology NAS  – 

It is a device that allows you to create a centralized home network and store your private data remotely. Using Synology DiskStation Manager software, it is easy to share files with others on your personal network or over the Internet.

The new RAID recovery accelerated technology can drastically minimize the recovery time of failed disks ―up to 2-fold faster than its predecessor. In addition, if any of the volumes in Synology NAS crashed, it means that there are problems with the NAS or installed disks.

Most common Reasons of Synology Drive Crashed

Bad sectors on the drive: Bad sectors on the NAS hard drive are a common challenge for countless computer users worldwide. In most situations, these bad sectors indicate a malfunction in the physical media which can be fixed either by hardware or software repair.

Century It Consultants examines your hard disk(s) for bad sectors that can occur as a result of mechanical or environmental damage. The program then repairs or replaces those sectors, allowing you to regain the space they were occupying. With Century IT Consultants, your Synology NAS drive will recover, boot, run and work faster.

Server Error: The cause for data loss can be server problems that affect disk redundancy, which leads to file system corruption and loss of data files.

Virus/malware: In the event of a virus/malware intrusion in the NAS drive, real-time alert information would be sent to IBM SMS Gateway. In response, IBM SMS Gateway would send a message to the CSP’s [1] system administrator. The system administrator could then access resources to remove or quarantine the offending virus/malware within the NAS drive.

Defective NAS controllers:  In some cases, NAS can lose the data from the Synology NAS drives, which is caused by defective controllers.

Failed RAID rebuilding: When your hard disk is damaged or you format your hard disk accidently, it may cause RAID rebuilding issues

Some other reasons for data loss from Synology NAS drives

  • Physical Damage
  • Power failure and Auto-shutdown
  • Improper removal of the drive(s) from the NAS bay can cause data loss
  •  Installing non-compatible drives in a Synology NAS
  • The installation of non-Synology memory modules can cause faulty memory modules or faulty memory modules can be caused by the installation of non-Synology memory modules.

Possible Solutions to Recover Data from Failed Synology NAS drive

Data Recovery with the help of Raid Constructor

When a disk is damaged or service information is erased, the program may have difficulties with rebuilding the RAID automatically; however, you can do it manually with the RAID Constructor if you know the properties of this damaged array.

Open the Constructor and select Manual mode, then fill in all the information you know: the RAID type, block order, and size, add the disks it used to include, use the arrows to specify their order, and replace the missing disks with empty drives by clicking the “plus” button.

Usually, a properly built RAID system has at least one partition. Expand it to check for the folders that you need. If you see files displayed in the folders, it means the RAID system was built properly.

When all the properties are given, click “Add” for the RAID system to appear in the Drive Manager. For Raid Data recovery, scan the array you have just added, look for the files you need, select and recover them.

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Restore Data from Hyper Backup

Hyper Backup is a backup solution for local storage drives including hard drives, SSDs, and also USB devices. It allows you to schedule working hours so your device won’t disturb during nighttime or other periods. You can choose Hyper Backup to back up the data of each package, including the settings of packages. If any data is lost due to reinstallation, accidental deletion, or system failures, you can perform restoration with just simple clicks.

Synology provides a business-class unified storage solution to maximize your information management with comprehensive backup, restoration, and disaster recovery options. The new Hyper Backup 4.3 delivers a new set of features, including fine-grained control of database backup frequency or daily/weekly/monthly database backups, lower RPO (Recovery Point Objective) & RTO (Recovery Time Objective) by Network Replication, etc. 

With Hyper Backup, you can restore the settings and data of the package to a preceding point of time.  Once you’ve set up Hyper Backup, the created backup will be organized in My Data > Hyper Backup. To restore it, go to “Hyper Backup.”

Know more Visit – https://www.synology.com/en-in/dsm/feature/hyper_backup

Contact NAS Data Recovery Expert’

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