With the help of email, people exchange sensitive and confidential information such as financials, legal contracts, confidential information, sales reports, customer and employee information every day. Due to this, mailboxes become a storehouse where sensitive data is deposited and has a high risk of being leaked. Data from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop may be stolen, which is a severe threat to any business’s efficiency and productivity. So what can you do about it?

Earlier, when business partners wanted to communicate securely, they would have to go through a complicated process that included sharing of the public key or installing the Office Message Encryption add-in to encrypt your emails. But with the introduction of office 365 message encryption, organizations can exchange encrypted email messages easily.

What can you do with office 365 message encryption?

With the help of office 365 setup Melbourne, communication inside as well as outside the organization is simplified. Exchange of encrypted messages can be done even when an organization does not have a Microsoft account.

Protecting confidential emails

Office 365 message encryption can help reduce the risk of accidental revelation by encrypting and rights-protecting email messages that are exchanged in the organization with custom rights management templates. It enhances the security of email responses and provides robust and automated encryption cost-effectively.

Controlling sensitive information

It controls sensitive data with the help of flexible policies that are built into office 365. It uses policy-based encryption to encrypt messages to anyone. It can easily manage the data with the help of single-action Exchange transport rules.

Meeting compliance needs

It is easy to send encrypted emails from any device if you are an office 365 user with the help of Outlook. You can easily navigate through encrypted messages and deliver them to the recipient’s inbox. Also, exchanging emails is a consistent experience no matter what platform, with the help of a  IT service provider Melbourne.

How does office 365 message encryption work?

Office 365 message encryption is a service built of azure rights management, a part of azure information protection, that the users can use to encrypt emails and other attachments. It allows message encryption from Gmail, yahoo mail, and outlook.com as well.

As a user, protecting the message is simple. Just go to the permissions, select specific actions such as ‘encrypt only’ or ‘do not forward.’ Once you do this, the message is encrypted but will be blocked from being forwarded.

As a recipient who uses Outlook on their iPhone, it works from opening and viewing the protected email using their identity. They, too, cannot forward the message but can reply to all the emails.

For someone who uses Gmail in chrome, it works by first identifying the user. Once he is authenticated and signed in using a google identity, he can read the email.

For someone with a regional email service, a flexible authentication method with one-time passcode is involved.


Office 365 offers a decent number of security options to keep an organization’s information secure. A no-brainer option that users can add to their office 365 subscription is office 365 message encryption.