Printers are still one of the most useful output devices in the 21st century. While they may not have the same realism as your Ultra HD 300 Hz monitor, they do provide businesses with the most useful and secure medium of communication. Moreover, education is a lot more effective with printed textbooks when compared with PDF versions since there is no potential for distraction, and it feels a lot more natural like this. Moreover, the eye-strain that comes from working on a screen is greatly reduced.

Unfortunately, printers are not failsafe as they can have errors from time to time. You need to ensure that the ink is in adequate amounts and that the papers are aligned properly in the tray. While these are minor hardware related things that you need to take care of, there are still some software problems that can occur and ruin your printing experience. Here are some of the best solutions that can help you fix common printer problems. Keep in mind that these methods do not substitute professional help, so if your printer still experiences errors, be sure to contact printer support in Melbourne for help.

Printer Not Responding

Your printer might not respond to your computer for various reasons. Most of them include temporary issues such as a faulty connection, out-of-date drivers, and other such issues that can be fixed via the troubleshooter in your operating system. Some other issues can include:

  1. Improper printer setup.
  2. Fault in the connecting wire.
  3. Printer ports not matching with port settings.
  4. Printer not set as default.
  5. Outdated printer drivers.
  6. Windows update malfunction.
  7. Printer firmware issue.
  8. Virus on your PC.
  9. Corrupted Printer files.

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Steps to Fix

Here are some of the steps that you can take to fix your printer when it isn’t responding:

1. Check Your Printer Connection

When your printer stops responding, you should try to check the way it has been connected to your computer. You should also check if its power cable is properly secured. If your printer is wireless, check your WiFi connection and make sure that there are no problems causing your printer to lose internet access.

2. Delete Pending Tasks from the Queue

You should also remove all existing pending tasks in the printer queue as this can sometimes be the cause of malfunction in the printer. You can do this by clicking on your system tray in the taskbar and then clicking on the printer icon. Here you will find all pending tasks and when you delete them, your printer should start working in most conditions.

3. Reinstall Printer Drivers

Another possible solution for this error is to use the Windows Device Manager to reinstall the drivers of your printer. You can fist check for any updates to your drivers online, and if that does not work, then right click on your start menu button on the taskbar. From here, you can open device manager. Under the printer’s tab, you should find your printer. Upon right clicking it, a menu will open and you need to select update drivers. This will allow your printer to reinstall the new drivers and it should start responding again. If the issue persists, contact printer support in Melbourne for assistance.

Printer Printing Blank Pages

There can be several causes for your printer to print blank pages. Here are the most common ones with the tips to fix the error:

  1. Low Ink Levels
  2. Improper Cartridge Installations
  3. Clogged Nozzle
  4. Incorrect Paper Size
  5. Printer Drive Issues
  6. Software Errors with OS

Steps to Fix

Here are a few steps that can help you with the problem in most cases:

Restart Your Printer

Restarting your printer might seem like a basic step, but it can fix your printer issue in most cases.

Check all the Requirements

You should always check if your printer is correctly connected to your computer, if the correct paper size has been inserted, if the printer cartridges/ink tank have enough ink, etc. These basic issues are the most common causes for blank pages being printed and can be fixed rather easily.

If your printer has any other issues, or if the troubleshooting methods mentioned here are not helping it, you should contact your nearest printer experts. For our readers in Melbourne, you should contact Century ITC for the best printer support services in the city. Contact them now for any printer related needs you may have and expect the fastest possible repairs.