A Synology NAS is a shared disk storage device that allows you to centralize and backup data from multiple computers and mobile devices. This ensures that your data is more available, more reliable, offline-accessible, and searchable. It may also serve as a file server to handle various business purposes such as e-mail and websites. Synology Raid storage also provides fault tolerance features that may protect your valuable data in case of unexpected hard disk failure or another hardware failure.

But Sometimes, Synology NAS  sets or Network Attached Storage (NAS) may fail and lose data due to mechanical, physical, and logical disk errors caused by virus or malware infection, corrupt system files, sudden power loss, damaged device drivers, and forced shutdown. we employ the latest technology in order to ensure completeness. Synology NAS recovery. If you do not do a backup before you start to find out which components of your drive are still working, you can recover the data from your drive using a bootable CD or DVD or using data recovery software such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard or Winpe Edition. If you have still not recognized the drive from your system, you must use a recovery service to recover your data. There are certain shortcomings that you can try to remedy yourself. If the hard drive itself suffers from some type of failure, you can do little to get the data back yourself and a professional data recovery service may be required. 

In the event of damage of any kind, the address will be sent to the device by the data recovery services and the service technician will attempt to restore the contents of the drives. If your Mac starts and you see a file icon with a question mark or Windows shows a pop-up that it detected a disk problem, consider a potential failure of the drive. If your PC freezes, you hear unusual noises from the drive or you experience data corruption, your computer has detected bad sectors on the drive. 

Hard drive failures are a regular occurrence and we have experienced a large number of hard drive failures that have been sent to our Data Recovery specialists in Melbourne, where hard drives fail due to physical damage, wear and tear, or logical failure. In many cases, your drive may sound as if there is a problem with its file system, but the logical error is actually an error that prevents access to your most important files. Hard disk failure is a common occurrence and we understand the concerns of our customers who have suffered a possible loss in this scenario – especially if the data is critical and you have a working backup.   

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MOST Common Reasons of Synology NAS Drive Failure and How to Fix it

Data Lost because of a human mistake.

This is the most common reason to fail the Synology NAS array. We find lots of incidents where humans make mistakes and the result is data loss. Sometimes a human is changing an array, but accidentally entered the number of drives incorrectly or didn’t know that they need to stop the RAID rebuild process before adding a new drive. 

Hard Drives Failure 

If you have a NAS configuration that contains hard drives, it’s important to make sure all hard drives are equally available for sharing. Don’t put two hard drives in a NAS configuration unless you have checked to make sure both are in good working order. If one of the hard drives in your NAS fails, it may be possible to recover some of your files.

If an error occurs during RAID rebuild

In certain situations, one drive may fail. The replacement may begin a rebuilding process. If this process is interrupted by a power loss or if a second drive fails during that process, the array may become confused. When a NAS  drive fails, the device begins rebuilding, and if this is interrupted by a power loss or if another drive fails during that process, it can leave the array confused.

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Data loss can occur if you’re not careful during a firmware update, or if your drive’s firmware fails.

Every firmware update puts your data at risk, but it’s still a good idea to do it from a digital security perspective that might let you take advantage of any new features of DiskStation Manager or new NAS  configurations. While this is a rare condition, it does happen. If an administrator is patching the firmware. 

The Synology NAS was unable to start, but the NAS Drive volume is fine. 

In general, problems with NAS devices are rare, and the devices are more reliable than hard drives. However, a NAS device is a computer much like any other and can fail. If it does so, we are able to help recover the data. It’s common for devices to break down eventually. However, problems with NAS devices are rare, they’re typically more reliable than hard drives and have a longer lifespan. All hardware issues can be treated if there is a problem with the chassis model. This is a very important sentence. We’ve researched it extensively, and we’re confident that if you need to get your data back from a Synology DiskStation NAS (Network Attached Storage), we can help.


If your Synology NAS has crashed and you cannot access any file on it, our Synology NAS Data Recovery service can help. We are one of the best Synology NAS data recovery service providers in Melbourne & Perth. With professional technicians, we come up with innovative tools to recover lost/deleted data from Synology NAS in no time. Contact us for more details.