IT industry is one of the massive industries that too felt the impact of the ongoing pandemic. However, it quickly adapted to the situation and became an even bigger industry. It was all thanks to the fact that employees of the IT industry were able to work from home. Work from home was a new trend all over the world, and Melbourne was nothing less.

All the IT support companies in Melbourne were shut during this new age of work environment. However, with decreasing covid cases and vaccination after being rolled out, it is time to get our lives back to normal. Able to work from home might feel easy at the start, but that’s far from reality. All the employees had more work than regular furthermore, daily meetings over the phone and zoom added extra exhaustion to the tight schedule.

The opening of the office will allow the employees to express themselves more during their meetings. Moreover, they will have a better social life that will add to their mental health. The new interns that joined these IT industries have no professional connections inside the company. In the short term, it might look good and feel like an advantage to the IT companies. However, in the long run, it is a tedious task that will lead to stagnation in an IT company. The loneliness and isolation while working from home will ultimately lead to a decline in the employee’s performance.

The opening is not that simple as it seems. Everyone needs to follow a precaution to ensure that reopening doesn’t lead towards another surge in cases. The government of Australia and Victoria decided to open up the office with just 30-50% capacity. It is to ensure that vaccination and testing are not overwhelmed by opening workstations at 100%.

With Pfizer and Oxford vaccines in Australia, which are safe and well regulated, it is expected to reach herd immunity by the 1st quarter of 2022. Phase 2 of the vaccination is already underway all over Australia, whereas Victoria has been ahead of its schedule. IT service providers in Melbourne have welcomed this news.

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Challenges towards Opening

It is time for the employees to get back into their old offices and operate old machines. Getting back into the office will be a new thrill. While coming back to the office, they need to ensure that their offices are cleaned with disinfectant and UV rays if possible. Social distancing still needs to be followed, and hand sanitizers are yet compulsory. 


Another challenge that everyone will face while reopening is their computer maintenance. All those computers need to be cleaned and rewired to ensure smooth performance. Those computers might have missed some significant updates, and it will take some time to update every one of them. One such big update is the windows November update that had a lot of new features.

People may find some problem getting back into the office and restarting their machines. Several agencies have been set up to help people to adjust back to the new environment. These agencies include agencies to train people to work in social distancing, while other agencies will help in setting up your workstation. These agencies will help you to tune back your computer and ensure maximum performance.

These facility industries are the backbone of the IT industry that allows them to work non-stop. The workers of these facility services ensure that all the problems that people face are solved immediately. People will be able to take the calls like usual from their office. It will also relieve the household, which was turned into a temporary office, often stressing the family.

If you need the assistance of an IT support company in Melbourne, please feel free to contact Century IT. We will ensure that you get everything sorted out in your IT firm.