The consequence of a desktop or laptop failure at the workplace or even at home can be felt immediately, hindering regular work operations. Every now and then, people face system slowdowns or even a total breakdown. Accidental drink or water spill on your laptop may also result in a faulty operating system. In such cases, a trustworthy laptop repair company can solve your problem.

The experts at Century IT Consultant are here to solve all your laptop and desktop repair problems. We understand that computer system breakdowns can result in tampered business operations. And so, we ensure timely solutions with on-site and timely repairing services, well suited to you. Our core expertise lies to meet the demand of all hardware and software problems. Our well-experienced team of technicians guarantees a solution to every computer problem in a pocket-friendly budget.

We have years of expertise in troubleshooting and repairing any computer problem relating to hardware, software, faulty operating system, etc.

Core Services offered by Century IT Consultant in Osborne Park

Century IT Consultants aims to provide the best technical support to our clients. Some of the services offered are:

Remote Support:

Stuck in a position where you can’t call a laptop service provider at home or work to help you fix your computer? Don’t worry! We’re here to give you remote support.

Century IT Consultant has answers to all your questions. Our experts will guide you remotely to fix most of your computer problems. Location doesn’t matter to our technicians, as we use secured, remote support technology, to link with your computer, troubleshoot the problems, and fix it in one go. Our efficient application service team will support in resolving issues like faulty operating system, virus removal, keyboard replacement, new software installation, and many more.

Protection from Water Damage

Century IT Consultant will assist you in fixing your computer in case it has water damage. A laptop or desktop consists of various electronic parts that can get damaged in case of contact with water. This may lead to issues like faulty operating system, overheating, slow booting, few parts not working, and even data loss in extreme cases.

The expert technicians at Century IT Consultant have years of experience at fixing water damage issues in laptops and desktops. We even offer same-day repair services, so you can continue your business operations seamlessly.

Laptop Repairing:

Century IT Consultant offers our services for all leading brands of laptops. We have solutions to all hardware or software problems that can arise in laptops of various kinds. Here’s a list of a few problems which our professionals are expert in handling:

  • LCD problems: Screen dimming, shadows on the screen, broken LCD, etc.
  • Display failure: No display, Blue or Black screen, Video card problem
  • Battery Problem: Battery heating, slow charging, AC/DC jack port lose or broken
  • Hard disk failure: Slow Booting, strange noises
  • Keyboard: Broken or malfunctioning keyboard/mouse pad, etc.
  • Casing: Broken hinges or casing, broken parts of a laptop
  • Motherboard: Slow speed, booting problems, operating system issues
  • Networking: Internet connectivity problems, internal LAN issues, etc.
  • RAM: System memory problem, slow operating speed
  • Malware and spyware removal: Removal of viruses that can lead to a slow computer system
  • Disk recovery: Recovery of important data

Desktop Repairing:

Century IT Consultant is always ready to provide services for all leading desktop computer brands. Some of the major services offered are:

  • Computer tune-up
  • Wireless networking and router installation
  • Driver issues and updates
  • System restore
  • Disk recovery
  • Advanced repair services
  • Software installation
  • Speed optimization
  • SMPS problem
  • Hardware problems and up gradation
  • Emergency hard drive data recovery
  • Custom build computer systems
  • Virus attack solutions, Spyware shield, Pop-up blocker
  • Server Management
  • Network security
  • General Maintenance

Data Management Services:

An organization holds a large number of customers, products, services, etc. It is quite important to maintain and manage the data collected from different sources. From managing your important data to recovering lost files, Century IT Consultant has cutting-edge data technology for all kinds of data problems. We design governance strategies to manage your company data. We acquire, validate, and protect all data files with fine-tuned data management services.

Our professional data recovery team ensures fast data recovery. We provide data recovery services from data storage media like hard disk, pen drive, zip drive, flash memory, laptop, etc.

Why Choose Century IT Consultant?

Ranging from simple software installation to fixing a totally corrupt motherboard, Century IT Consultant provides guaranteed satisfaction to its esteemed customers. With over 20 years of experience, we deliver fast and appropriate results. Our key goals are:

  • Quality management
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Well equipped labs with the latest technology
  • Reliable services
  • Budgetary solutions
  • Team of well qualified certified technicians
  • Competitive prices

Get in touch with us for any laptop maintenance or repair services.