Apple made some significant changes when it launched the new MacBook Air in 2018, but except for the processor and keyboard, there haven’t been any critical improvements since. But if you believe the latest rumors, things could change this year as Apple launched a comprehensive overhaul of its cheapest laptops.

Here’s all you’ve heard about the new MacBook Air 2021:

The latest rumours

Latest rumours from “various sources” reveal that Apple will release new laptops in various colors similar to the new 24-inch iMac. When you open your new laptop, you’ll see a white frame around the screen, much like an iMac. Instead of having 4 feet at each corner of the bottom, two rubber bands run vertically to balance. It is also reported that the keyboard has full-sized function keys, a small trackpad, and two USB-C ports. 

MacBook Air 2021: Name and Price

This article assumes that Apple will reserve the MacBook Air name till the next revision, but it is not confirmed. As a result, Apple may reintroduce its old MacBook in 2019. It sold the Apple Air alongside the MacBook Air for a short period, so the current Air may be subject to price cuts to make room for new ones. In Australia, MacBook air 2021 may cost AU$1,999 for the 8 GB RAM + 256 GB SSD and replaced by the new 14-inch model when it launches.

Macbook Air

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MacBook Air 2021: Design and Color

It has been reported for months that Apple has been working on a lighter, thinner redesign for the MacBook Air. Some sources reported that the new MacBook Air would go for a flat design instead of the classic tapered look, but it will retain its incredible kindness. It might also have full-sized function keys, which would make the trackpad slightly smaller.

MacBook Air 2021: Display

The 2021 MacBook Air may have the same 13.3-inch display. According to Mark Gorman of Bloomberg, Apple has considered a large 15-inch screen for the MacBook Air, but the company has decided to suspend the model for the time being. Mini LEDs are rumored to appear on the MacBook Air, but they likely won’t appear until 2022, with the MacBook Pro making its debut later this year. As you can see on the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the tiny LEDs are a screen-backlit technology, but as the name suggests, it uses smaller LEDs more intensely. This improves backlight control, image contrast, and dynamic range.

Macbook Air

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MacBook Air 2021: MagSafe and the Port

The new MacBook Air, which may be released later this year or earlier in 2022, can return the MagSafe connector. MagSafe is a magnetic power adapter connector introduced in 2016 that allows you to easily detach it from your laptop using non-axial forces. Its app keeps the laptop from coming off the work surface, although the connection will be cut off if someone pulls or disconnects the cable. 

Apple has re-branded MagSafe as a magnetic charging system for the iPhone 12, and the new iMac includes a non-MagSafe magnetic power cable. Perhaps MagSafe-related technologies for Apple laptops tend to be similar to the 2006 app, but it can use USB-C for charging. 

MagSafe has the potential to return to the next MacBook Air. Regarding the IDG communication port, Apple has moved to the Thunderbolt / USB 4 port on the Mac M1. There is no doubt that Apple will continue this with the new MacBook Air. Next, the question is the number of ports. Traditionally, MacBook Air has two ports on each side. In a fresh color MacBook Air or MacBook products report, Jon Prosser stated that the new laptop has two ports, but one on each side instead of both on the far left, and it is in a better position.

MacBook Air 2021: M Series Memory and Processor

The octa-core Apple M1 system appeared on the chip last fall with the low-end MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. Apple hasn’t revealed its chip update cycle, but the new MacBook Air likely has a processor that’s faster than its current model. New iPad and iPhone devices have continuous chipset updates, and Apple updates the Air with new Intel chipsets every year.

Speculation about Apple’s silicone in high-end MacBook Pro models suggests that Apple will seize the opportunity to unveil an upgraded new M-series chip (possibly the M2). 

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MacBook Air 2021: Launch Date

Apple released the current MacBook in November 2020, so new models may arrive around the same time. According to the emerging rumors about MacBook Air, it can be estimated that Apple is looking forward to launching new MacBook Air in late 2021. It can also estimate that the launch of the new MacBook Air may also slip in early 2022.


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