Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a laptop and tablet hybrid computer with a Windows 11 operating system without any sort of bloatware.

The standard 128 GB storage offers you the opportunity to add up to 1 TB of external storage capacity, upgrading up to 512 GB or 1 TB of RAM, and including the option for Intel’s latest quad-core processors. It also features Dolby Audio Premium configuration which provides rich sound quality in different environments; and a camera that reads in iris patterns for better security and privacy. The device weighs 2 pounds but measures less than 10 millimeters in thickness; about as thin as a mini-tablet without compromising on performance or battery life.

Is it affordable?

Although this is the best Surface Pro in years, it’s likewise the most costly. This time around, it begins at $1,099/£999/AU$1,649, which is substantially more costly than it’s been before, with the Surface Pro 7 dispatching for $749/£799/AU$1,249 in 2019. 

That cost increment accompanies truly necessary improvements, however, it makes the tablet a tougher sell, particularly thinking that the Surface Pro 8 actually doesn’t accompany the Type Cover.  But on the other hand, it’s the first time Microsoft has become a genuine contender to the iPad Pro.

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Does it give tough competition in terms of design?

The Surface Pro laptops have sort of begun to deteriorate for the last several cycles. The Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro 7 were simply specced updates of the Surface Pro 2017.  Presently it needs a really generous update, particularly as competition to the new iPad Pro.

The Surface Pro 8, fortunately, offers some genuinely necessary design changes that would be useful. The least difficult one to see is the new graphite tone, which just looks mind-blowing. 

While it seems like Microsoft has been zeroing in on lighter shades for its gadgets as of late, the hazier tones with the current year’s setup look staggering. The chassis is likewise refined, with more adjusted edges, that appear to be substantially more agreeable to hold for extensive stretches of time, despite the flat sides with more keen corners.

The Surface Pro 8 currently offers you a 13-inch PixelSense display and 2,880 x 1,920 resolution. That is directly in the center of 1440p and 4K, yet for a 13-inch show, it’s totally stunning. You know what makes this display shockingly better is that alongside the greater size, it likewise has a refresh rate of 120Hz.

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Reasons that can stop you from buying it!

If you think that the Surface Pro 7 was costly: The Surface Pro 7 wasn’t the least expensive product out there, yet the Surface Pro 8 is much more costly, beginning at $1,099 (£999, $1,649). It’s awesome, yet this probably won’t be the gadget for somebody on a stricter spending plan. 

Do note that the accessories aren’t free: The Surface Pen and Type Cover are crucial for the Surface Pro 8 experience, yet you need to give up many dollars to get the accessories as a whole, adding to the extensive cost of the laptop itself.

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