A network is a group of two or more computers connected together to enable data exchange. There are two primary types of networks – Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN), which can be connected either with a cable or via wireless media. Broadband is a network connection which provides a high-speed internet connection to a computer or to a network.

Broadband technology has facilitated the internet users with high-speed data transmission. Now, it’s just a matter of a few minutes to transfer video, voice, pictures, or large data files. Even high-resolution movie streaming is possible with a broadband connection.

To set up a network or broadband connection, you need the services of a proficient expert, who can solve your problems quickly and without much hassle. Century IT Consultant, with its dedicated team of expert professionals, provides its client with the best solutions for networking and broadband setup, including all DHCP and DNS configurations.

Why is a Computer Network Required?

There are a number of advantages to a computer network. Some basic benefits can be listed below:

  • Helps in connecting multiple computers together for data exchange at a high speed
  • All resources, like printers and scanners, can be shared on the network, enabling access to all users
  • Allows sharing expensive software and database to all in the network
  • Networking communication is efficient and offers fast speed at a very low cost

Century IT Consultant understands that each organization has its own set of requirements for network connection setups. And so, our experts study and investigate your demands and provide you with the best solution for the internet and modem setup.

There are four different types of broadband connections. They are:

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
This is the most common method of connecting to the internet and is generally used in homes and small workplaces. A telephone connection is required to set up this type of a broadband connection. The standard phone service shares the same telephone line for broadband connection, without any obstruction between the two. The speed of a DSL connection varies with distance from the local telephone exchange. The speed will be faster if the connection is close to exchange and slower if it is far from the switching station.
We are experts at setting up a DSL network at different kinds of areas. You can rely on us to deliver same day networking and broadband installation services at an affordable cost.

Cable Broadband
A broadband cable connection is provided by a local cable TV operator. There is a coaxial cable that is connected to the broadband, usually with the same line as the TV service. These type of connections offer a high-speed broadband connection. However, one of the main drawbacks of this type of connection lies in the speed variations. At peak times, you will experience slower speed problems because of congestion with more users on the system.

Satellite Connection
This is the slowest broadband service. However, it is best suited for the people residing in remote areas where DSL and Cable broadband connections are tough to set. Although the installation cost of a satellite connection is high, the cost can be compensated with monthly charges, which are low in comparison to that of DSL and cable connections.

Century IT Consultant has set up various satellite connections all around Melbourne and Perth. Let us know your requirement and we will get the network setup in no time.

Fiber-optic Broadband Connection
This is the fastest internet connection available in the current time. However, the service areas of fiber optic network are limited because of the problems in laying down the cables. However, the operating cost of this type of connection is quite low with fast speed download, in comparison to other broadband connections.

We are experts at connections and have quite a lot of experience in offering many organizations fast internet setup.

Why Choose Century IT for Networking and Broadband Connection in Leederville?

Broadband services vary from place to place. While availing a broadband connection, it is always advisable to do some research before choosing the type of service required for your specific needs.

Satisfied customers of Century IT count us to be there trusted partners. With an experience of over two decades, our team has expertise in all types of national Broadband Network (NBN), Wi-Fi setups, DHCP, and DNS setups on all IP networks, as well as troubleshooting in Voice Over IP (VOIP), etc. Some of the major services we offer are listed below:

  • On-site installations of all types of network and broadband connections
  • Fault finding and repairing of existing connections
  • Range extenders in the existing network
  • Keeping our customers up to date with the latest technologies
  • Latency management

For more details and the services offered at Century IT Consultant, reach out to us today!