Computer problems can sometimes occur unexpectedly and hamper your overall work schedule. In such cases, an expert computer/PC repair service provider that can quickly troubleshoot the cause of the breakdown and fix it the same day can save the day.

If you live in Perth or Melbourne and your PC/Computer is:

  • Facing difficulty booting,
  • Running slow,
  • Making strange noises,
  • Shutting down unexpectedly,
  • Displaying unknown pop-up windows, or
  • Getting heated up,

You need to get in touch with the best onsite computer or PC repair support in Perth and Melbourne – Century IT Consultants.

We are a dynamic team of technicians with many years of experience in offering hassle-free, reliable, and quick PC support and help in Melbourne and Perth. We use cutting-edge technology and aim to effectively handle all your computer malfunction concerns to allow you to focus on your core business functions.

Possible Causes of Computer Malfunction

There are millions of things that could cause your computer to malfunction. Century IT Consultants are pioneers at troubleshooting why your computer/PC is facing issues and solving them to help you resume your operations.

Voltage Spike

Even a momentary and small change in the electric power supply to your computer could cause it to get damaged and corrupt data. You need to get this resolved as quickly as possible to avoid any loss of data.


  • Blank screen
  • Computer trying to repair itself
  • Computer won’t start

Getting this fixed is the job of a professional, and you shouldn’t try it yourself. Calls the most reliable computer repairs to help in Melbourne and Perth to diagnose the problem and fix it to save your data and hardware from getting damaged.

Virus Attack

Virus attacks are one of the biggest reasons for computer slowdown and failure. They can corrupt any files with .exe extension. The PC or computer is no more secure and vulnerable to getting hacked, resulting in identity theft, spamming, and browser tracking.


  • Constant error messages
  • Disk space running low
  • Long booting time
  • Overall slow computer
  • Trouble installing anti-virus software
  • Disappearance of the Task Bar

In such cases, to avoid data theft and hacked computer, get in touch with our experienced team of virus removal and onsite computer repair experts in Melbourne and Perth. We ensure that no viruses are hiding in your computer by running various tests and thoroughly cleaning all spyware files.

Excessive Heat

An area containing a lot of computers needs adequate cooling. The more data a computer processes, the more heat it produces. Excessive heating and inadequate cooling can lead to computer failure.


  • Constant shut down
  • Slow computer
  • Overheated CPU
  • Frozen OS

When the temperature sensors on the motherboard get activated, they signal the computer to slow down the hard drive or shut down processes to overcome the excess heat. If your computer is doing this often, it is a signal that it is not getting adequate cooling.

Get in touch with the computer repair experts at Century IT Consultants to understand to get hassle-free computer help support in Melbounre and Perth and understand how you can ensure proper cooling of the premises.

Hardware Issues

Faulty or failed hardware can cause a computer to slow down or not perform according to expectations. Possibly, the hard drive, ports, or motherboard could get damaged, leading to the lost files, slow computer/PC, etc.


  • Overheating
  • Strange noises
  • Problems during booting
  • Slow computer

The computer repair technicians at Century IT Consultants have many years of experience dealing with and repairing faulty hardware in a computer. The causes could be dropping the computer, PC,  new software, voltage spike, dust buildup, etc. Allow us to troubleshoot the cause of failure, conduct stringent repairing, and install it into your computer to help you resume your operations.

We will also help with data recovery if any.

Why Choose Century IT Consultants for Computer/PC Repair in Melbourne and Perth?

Century IT Consultants has been operating since 2006, helping businesses focus on their operations by assisting with data recovery and optimal computer repair services in Melbourne and Perth.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Experience: We have been offering a variety of computer repairing services since 2006 and believe in fixing the cause at the root to prevent any further issues.
  • Quick and Hassle-Free: Our team delivers excellent quality of repair services quickly and hassle-free. We even offer same-day computer repair in Melbourne and Perth.
  • Expertise: We have expertise in a range of services, including spyware removal, increasing network and computer speed, data recovery, fixing broken hardware, securing computers and network, and computer setup in Melbourne and Perth.
  • Seamless Customer Support: In case of computer failure, you can reach out to our customer support that is available to solve your problems seamlessly.
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