Hard drives and other storage devices are vital components of IT infrastructure. A fault or crash in these devices, as well as an unsuccessful recovery, could put your business in limbo and interrupt its operations. We are an industry leader specialized in recovering data from any type of failed hard drive. Our engineers have a very high success rate in hard drive recovery from:

  • clicking noises
  • faulty heads
  • scratched platters
  • stuck motors
  • accidental deletions
  • accidental reformatting
  • water damage
  • fire damage
Daniel Etezadi
Hard Drive Data Recovery

Century IT Consultants performs data recovery on hard drives, regardless of their type, size, or model. We do data recovery in Melbourne from any storage device such as desktop, laptop, external hard drive and any storage device. We also cover the full range of operating systems and platforms, including Apple, Microsoft, and Linux.

Moreover, our experts deal with the most common brands, like Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Sony, Lacie, Fujitsu, Buffalo and HP.

Our technicians always use the full image of the damaged disk to preserve its original structure and format. Once we finish our recovery process, you will receive the good news and the full recovery file list. Provide your own media to store the recovered files or we will provide storage for you. If desired, we could even upload them to your preferred cloud storage.

Hard Drive Data Recovery