Today, computers and smartphones have become truly indispensable. They play a very significant role in making our lives easier. It is very important to keep these machines in the best conditions so that they do not affect the productivity of our business or personal life. Century IT Consultants understands the effects of any interruptions with the systems you are working, so we provide the most reliable Apple computer repair services in Melbourne.

Apple Mac troubleshooting could not get any easier than with the dedicated team of IT professionals at Century IT Consultants, who are equipped with the latest MacBook repair technologies. Our experts have many years of experience and can figure out the problems with your computer in no time.

We offer its valuable clients onsite Apple computer support in Melbourne and Perth with all repairing work at a single source. Moreover, we deliver same day computer services, so that you can rest assured that your business processes will not be hampered.

Our Range of Apple Mac Computer Repair Services

At Century IT Consultants, we provide all types of Apple Mac repairs and maintenance. Following are some of the services offered:

Hardware Maintenance and Fixing

All Apple computers have several hardware parts. In case any of it breaks or gets damaged, the computer starts to malfunction, leading to a delay in your business operations.


  • Delayed system booting
  • Overheating
  • Peculiar sounds

We take care of all the integrated parts along with their accessories and repair them within the same day to help you smoothly run your system.

Spyware, Malware, and Virus Removal

There is a very high possibility for an Apple MacBook to get affected by spyware, primarily if it used for internet surfing. It is difficult to detect spyware when it attacks the computer. However, it eventually slows the system down and corrupts data.


  • Slow booting speed
  • Data loss
  • Unknown error messages
  • Overall slow processing of the system
  • Web pages failing to load
  • Strange pop-up messages

Spyware and malware can significantly harm your computer system in the long run, and so, it is important to get rid of it as soon as possible. The team of experts takes you through the different types of antivirus software according to your requirements and repairs your Apple Mac to make it run as if it were new.


It is essential to create a backup of the important files in your Apple computer. In case any of these files get corrupted, then they can be recovered with the help of backup files. Century IT Consultants helps you prepare a regular backup to relieve you from the stress of losing any important files.

Recovery of Lost, Corrupted, or Deleted Data

Imagine what would happen if your Apple Mac computer were to crash and all your important data were to get corrupted or deleted. Unimaginable panic and havoc! But don’t worry. Call our Apple Mac computer repair experts in Melbourne and Perth, and we will help you recover all your lost data.

Data recovery is an intricate job, and it is important that you only rely on professionals to carry out this job. Otherwise, you could end up losing the data beyond recovery. Our data recovery experts have over a decade of experience and handle the tasks swiftly!

Regular Apple Mac Computer Maintenance

Century IT Consultants offers regular maintenance packages for Apple Mac computers and MacBook. We take preventive measures to ensure that we don’t harm your system while working on maintaining its hardware and software. Our trained technicians run many diagnostic tests to pre-identify any potential threat to your system. We also help install the programs that can make your system more efficient.

There are many other problems that can occur in an Apple computer. We are equipped with the knowledge and tools to repair your systems, regardless of the issue you’re facing while operating it. We believe that your machine should be in the hands of someone you can trust and so, we strive to become the go-to company for all your Apple Mac computer repair problems in Melbourne and Perth. We have an experience of more than fifteen years in providing our broad network of satisfied clients with top-notch computer repair services.

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