Since we invested heavily in R&D, our engineers have a very high success rate in SSD data recovery and are skilled in extracting data from many different SSDs. They can even extract it from self-encrypted models like Samsung or Intel. Although SSDs have a complex controller architecture, we can decipher and read their raw format data.

Our technicians know the solution to many common SSD issues like the “Busy” or “BSY” problem, which is when the SSD is not recognized by BIOS or USB. We know how to restore data from current generation SSD technology, like compression de-duplication and complicated high-level self-encryption protocols. These are challenging obstacles, so you need a recovery firm’s help. We also provide our advanced recovery services to other data recovery and IT firms.

USB data recovery
SSD card recovery

Common SSD crashes:

  • Not recognized in BIOS
  • Failed SATA or ZIF controller
  • Convert to a small size ( 8 or 32 MB )
  • MBR Failure
  • Accidental Format
  • File System Corruption
  • Memory chip Wear
  • Bad Clusters
  • Natural disasters
  • File Corruption by OS or Apps