We are fantastic at component level recovery, recovery from physically damaged devices and complex data recovery from monolithic flash. Although USB drives are a convenient alternative to traditional HDDs, they are easily damaged and, in severe cases, can experience severe physical damage to their PCB or chips. USB drives can also suffer from memory wear after excessive writing of data, over long periods of time. Obvious symptoms of a USB crash is when it’s not recognized by your computer or freezes it when attached. If you notice this, disconnect your USB immediately and do not attempt to access or try to repair it under any circumstances. This is because you might cause more damage and likely dramatically reduce the chance of successful recovery. Many flash manufacturers are switching to monolithic flash technology to reduce costs. Data recovery from monolithic flash devices is more complicated and requires certain tools and experience. This is why many data retrieval companies avoid these cases.

USB data recovery
USB recovery

Common causes of USB drive failure:

  • Snapped USB port
  • Detected as Unknown Device
  • Memory Wear
  • Overheated chip damage
  • PCB Physical damage
  • Accidental Format
  • Virus damage
  • Corrupted file structure
  • Natural disaster
  • Lost connection on PCB

If you are facing a USB crash and fear losing your precious information, you need a firm with a strong track record in data recovery from USB media. We provide risk-free diagnostic service and reassure you that your data can be successfully recovered.