Microsoft has been in the laptop business for a while now, with its Surface line of devices that can be used as a tablet or a PC with the flip of a keyboard. A Microsoft Surface Book 1 is essentially just another Windows laptop from Microsoft. It comes in two sizes and in various hardware configurations to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a powerful multimedia machine or something more affordable and portable. 

Possible reasons you can lose data from Microsoft surface

The most common causes of data loss are accidental deletion or formatting. It can also be due to hardware failure or corrupted files.

It’s important to back up the device periodically so there is a copy of your data stored offline in case something were to happen. As long as you backed up, all you have lost is the time it takes to sync the other copies back up with this one. 

Make sure that if you have things on your Microsoft surface that are important, like memories or information, then make sure you back it up adequately! That way if anything goes wrong with your Microsoft Surface device it won’t be gone for good! Backing up entails adding an external hard drive and manually copying over files from the internal hard drive.

Is it possible to recover lost data from dead or broken Microsoft surfaces?

There are three ways to get your data back if you have a Microsoft Surface, but one route is better than the others.

Method 1) Connect surface to an external hard drive and copy files there 

Method 2) Restore tablet from backup

Method 3) Check the motherboard 

Method 4) Reinstall the operating system, then restore the data to the new installation. For this method please back up your data onto an external drive first since all of it will be lost when you reinstall Windows 10 again to get files back.

The best way is Method 3, which will just require an external hard drive for backing up before deleting everything on your tablet in order to start fresh with a preinstalled operating system and restore data afterward. 

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Take the hard drive out of the wrecked PC and plug it into a substitution PC 

The initial phase in protecting projects and data from a wrecked PC is to take out its hard drive and interface it to a substitution PC. To begin with, remove the old drive from the wrecked PC. Separate the machine from power, and in case it is a laptop; take out the battery. Try to open the enclosed case and look for the drive. 

In such cases, laptops are easy to handle as they have a proper flap for taking out the drive easily by just doing some screws. Now, just separate the hard drive from the cables that go into it, and take it out.

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Checking the motherboard to get to the data 

Many say that a Surface PC isn’t intended to be opened or fixed and it even scored a 0 when we talk about repairability. There are no screws on the rear of the machine, it’s welded and that can make it difficult to open with the right devices. If the SSD isn’t removable, just like the case with Surface 3, for instance, where the SSD is joined, with an encoded chip, onto the motherboard. Fixing the motherboard can be the main answer to gain admittance to the data. This implies powering the board to approach the drive if it is integrated on the motherboard.

Why should you take Microsoft Surface Book 1 data recovery help?

If you want to get back data like pictures, contacts, or other such types of data, professional assistance is necessary because there may be deleted partitions or even files that can’t be accessed without special tools.

It’s not always possible to get anything back; maybe it got corrupted and beyond repair – but in many cases, it’s worth a shot. And in any case, if you have important work documents or something important that your machine is keeping locally, you should save copies outside of your computer anyway so this sort of thing doesn’t happen at all.

Approaching a professional company that handles encrypted databases means they will have very specific methods for recovering Microsoft surface book 1 data. 

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How can we help you?

Century IT can help you in case there is a need to recuperate erased documents and photographs on Microsoft Surface, resetting factory settings or on the other hand, your surface has completely stopped working. 

Century IT has all the important tools and technologies to get to the SSD storage on the Microsoft Surface and assist you with getting your data back. The drive is encoded and you should have your Microsoft ID all together for the specialists to decode the data. 

Contact us today to get your Microsoft Surface lost data back!

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