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IT Company Ready to Start Work from Office. It’s Time to Hire an IT Support Provider


IT industry is one of the massive industries that too felt the impact of the ongoing pandemic. However, it quickly adapted to the situation and became an even bigger industry. It was all thanks to the fact that employees of the IT industry were able to work from home. Work from home was a new trend all over the world, and Melbourne was nothing less. All the IT support companies in Melbourne were shut during this new age of work

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Protect Your Data While Working from Home. Here are the Tips!!!


Summary - Protecting your data in any working situation is very important, but it’s especially critical when working from home. Here’s how! Remote working is an important way to keep workers safe and healthy, but it can also pose a cyber risk to your business. Remote employees can increase a company's attack area, be difficult to monitor at work, feel less secure at home, and compromise on cybersecurity. The recent Cost of Data Breach Report by Ponemon found that 76%

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Top IT Services Your Business Requires Right Now


Today, the success of your business depends heavily on driving innovation through information technology. Your employees need to access your information portal via your organisation’s network. Customers find all information about your business and get in touch with you through your website. Clients, potential employees, and other visitors to your office often require guest access to the internet. Keeping unwanted visitors like hackers and cybercriminals out of your network is also equally important. The printer is, as always, jammed. One

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Onsite Computer Repair Services

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy:

Privacy and confidentiality of customer’s data is our first priority and we keep all your data confidential. We keep all data on your media ( hard drive , mobile phone , flash drives , SD / Micro SD cards , NAS box , RAID arrays ) private and confidential and we use your media for the purpose of data recovery only. We might need to test and check the health of recovered data to make sure there is no corrupted data on the final recovery result . Your privacy is our priority and we respect it.