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Data Recovery Solution from Crashed Synology Volume


Hello everybody! Read this blog to find out how to recover data from a crashed Synology NAS device. Summary - We’ll discuss the solution to recover Synology data if multiple disks are physically or logically failed. In this guide, we will also discuss how you can get back your mission-critical business data if a Synology volume crash has occurred. But with prompt action, you can restore data from crashed volumes. About Synology NAS  -  It is a device that allows

Data Recovery Solution from Crashed Synology Volume2023-04-11T22:31:17+10:00

Thecus NAS N2310 Complete Review


The Thecus N2310 NAS is a worthy buy if you're looking for a business-class network-attached storage solution with an affordable price tag and a feature set that many higher-priced models lack. First-time setup and RAID configuration are not easy for first-time users. This means that the Thecus N2310 is not a good idea for novice users. Unfortunately, you can't just plug in your own hard drive and expect the N2310 to be ready for action. You'll need to format your

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How to fix Synology NAS Drive corruption and data loss?


A Synology NAS is a shared disk storage device that allows you to centralize and backup data from multiple computers and mobile devices. This ensures that your data is more available, more reliable, offline-accessible, and searchable. It may also serve as a file server to handle various business purposes such as e-mail and websites. Synology Raid storage also provides fault tolerance features that may protect your valuable data in case of unexpected hard disk failure or another hardware failure. But

How to fix Synology NAS Drive corruption and data loss?2023-02-08T22:24:29+10:00