We live in the age of computers, and these machines have undoubtedly made storing data and conducting difficult operations way easier than ever before. However, the amount of data in our computer systems leads to them being susceptible to virus attacks. In fact, over 350,000 pieces of malware are detected every day. If your system is exposed to malware, it is likely to get damaged and hamper your overall business operations.

Virus and spyware attacks have become so common today that they have become the major cause of a computer problem. Century IT Consultant has a team of qualified professionals who are experts at handling your system when it comes to different types of viruses and spyware. We have the capacity and expertise for all possible malware removal. After cleaning all viruses, we install an anti-virus software to protect your computer from any future spyware attacks.

Remember that a system may get infected by even when your system is protected by anti-virus. This happens especially if the virus protection software is not updated.

If you experience any of the above-mentioned problems with your computer, reach out to us immediately and we will help remove all possible threats.

How to Identify a Virus Effect on a Computer System?

When a system is affected by a virus or malware, it can cause several problems, such as:

  • Slow operating system
  • Frequent freezing display screen
  • Error messages
  • Anti-virus not uploading or can’t be updated
  • Unusual graphics
  • Slow start-up
  • Strange pop-ups
  • Missing files

If you experience any of the above-mentioned problems with your computer, reach out to us immediately and we will help remove all possible threats.

In spite of the number of indications of a virus attack, the only proven way to zero down the position of the virus is thorough a virus scan. All spyware, viruses like Trojan Horse, and malware should be removed immediately from a computer, or they might affect data loss. The infected system gets vulnerable for hackers to get access to your important data files.

Century IT Consultant runs a diagnostic test on a system to identify all the spyware attacks and make it free from all virus infections. Some viruses are so strong that they can even penetrate through an automated anti-virus system. Our technicians are trained to remove all stubborn virus infections and help you recover your data within no time.

Anti-virus Setup

Once the kind of virus or spyware is identified, Century IT Consultant will clean up the system by removing it and installing a strong anti-virus software to protect from future threats. The procedure adopted by our technicians are:

Virus Identification:
After locating the virus, it is cleaned successfully, preventing all future threats and keeping your system safe and secure.

Malware Scanner Download:
Running a scanner is quite effective in removing the highest level of virus attacks. After malware detection, appropriate actions are taken for virus removal.

Recover or Reinstall Damaged Files:
There might be a need to reinstall a program that was damaged because of a virus attack.

System Restoration:
After the cleanup, the system is returned to its original state, making it robust so that you are able to work effectively.

Hosting Firewall and Managing Anti-virus Software:
Century IT Consultant provides you with IT security to prevent hackers from logging into your computer, defending your business network against all dangerous virus attacks.

Updating the Operating System:
Updating your operating system software and browser helps reduce the risk of any further malware attack. All the old codes and passwords are changed after Trojan removal, making your system safer.

Removing Viruses and Spyware from Mac:
Most Mac users are under the wrong impression that Mac is free from any virus attack. Though there is a lower chance of a virus attack on an Apple computer in comparison to the Windows operating system, some hackers can still get access to your Mac. Century IT Consultant provides end to end solutions to all type of operating systems to safeguard you against such attacks by infection removal and performing system cleanup.

Because of unconstrained technology growth, IT infrastructure is becoming more complex. Today it’s the utmost requirement of an organization or individual to hire proactive services of a technical and sound computer repair company. Every business has its specific needs. Viruses are designed to access your system, affect your important data remotely, and even lock it in special cases. If you are connected to the internet, Century IT Consultant will even remotely guide you to install viruses, Trojans, and malware removal. We will perform a virus scan on your system and give you the best solution for your problem.

With Century IT Consultant, you should never have to worry about your computer running breaking down and hampering your business processes. Let us handle all the computer trouble while you focus on more critical and core operations.