The Apple MacBook Pro is the most sought-after laptop in today’s market. The reason behind its popularity goes beyond Apple’s amazing marketing strategy, as the new MacBook Pros come with M1 Chips. The M1 Chipset comes as a replacement for the Intel CPUs and has been proven to be much faster. The design of this fantastic computer also prevents overheating while also maintaining the silence in the fans.

Mac’s environment helps us work productively by providing a Unix-like environment with features that make working in it accessible. But MacBook needs to be taken care of with regular updates. Besides that, MacBook has SSD and no HDD, which makes it faster but restrains many applications. This restrains can sometimes end up causing small issues and problems.

If you are experiencing some issues with your new MacBook Pro, don’t fret about it. Most bugs can be fixed with a bit of troubleshooting, and you can always rely on Mac repair Perth to help you out when things get a little out of hand. Even so,

Here are all the steps to take when your Mac Book seems to malfunction:

When Your MacBook is Frozen

This is one of the most common problems for Mac users today. During the update, or after the update, if a file or process is missing, MacBook can end up frozen. Sometimes, even after resuming, certain features like spotlight search can stop working.

If the Mac is frozen during regular operations, it might be possible due to a system running more processes than it can store. Use Command + Option + Escape button to close apps that are currently running. Make sure to quit all the applications until MacBook starts running regularly.

If MacBook displays this problem regularly, it could be due to the SMC and NVRAM problems. They need to be reset and configured again as per the Mac.

When Your MacBook poses Shutdown Issues

This scenario is possible if your MacBook has frozen before. It is more likely to happen again and during the shutdown command. The MacBook can refuse to shut down with an error message that states the process unable to close, or it simply bricks. In that case, make sure to quit all the applications and use the apple Diagnostic tool to check which process is responsible for such anomaly.

If the problem is hard to fix then, Apple Mac repairs Melbourne can fix them. The dedicated professionals will be able to use some dedicated software to provide safeguards to the MacBook Pro. Even any lost data or corrupted data can be retrieved that happens during these problems with the Mac.

When your MacBook shows Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Issues

MacBook provides one of the best performances when it comes to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, it is possible that sometimes, you are unable to find the Option to connect or disconnect with any other device. If this happens after the start-up, then restart the MacBook. Sometimes, it is possible that only the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi app needs a reboot. In that case, use the terminal window and find the correct Command over the internet depending upon the version of Mac OS X currently being run by your MacBook. For Bluetooth, the Command is

“sudo rm -R /Library/Preferences/”

Since sudo is used, you’ll be prompt to enter the password in the terminal. After entering the password, give the terminal a few seconds to run the Command, and you should be able to resume your work with the Bluetooth.

When your MacBook Pro is overheating

Mac uses a metallic body with compact and strong hardware. This results in easy heating of the Mac. Due to low ventilation, this excessive heat can cause Mac to shut down prematurely.

An activity monitor in Mac can monitor this. This can be accessed by simply searching over the spotlight or in Application, Utilities. Several apps help you control the mac fan speed to start an early cooling if you are expecting to run a few heavy processes.

There are other apps like a cleaner app that help you clear out the extra apps to clear out RAM and cool down the system.

If your Mac is running slowly

This is one of the major problems that can occur to the MacBook pro. Macs are famous for running apps smoothly and in an efficient way. If this happens, there could be various reasons, which can cause other problems to the MacBook in the long run if not taken care of.

The very first thing to check when MacBook starts running slow is the storage space. Once the free storage space drops below 20%, It can lead to overconsumption of storage by the system. At times this space is used by the system to download and store the update until installation. Hence, at this point, storage space needs to be increased to help Mac run smoothly.

It is also possible that your Mac is infected with a worm or malware that is causing the system to run slow. If that happens, then immediately bring the MacBook Pro to Mac repair Perth. Century IT will be able to handle all of your problems and return your Mac without any errors. We have expert engineers who are trained with years of experience in fixing MacBook Pros. So, if your Mac is giving you problems, contact us now.