Windows 11/10 is the most recent operating system form accessible. It flaunts great upgrades and elements when we compare it with old versions. 

Windows 11/10 Home is the latest version with key elements on its build such as a cleaned Start Menu, a more complete adaptation of Cortana, Task View for the better user interface, advanced Battery Saver option; and more.

Although, while it might be amazing, Windows 11/10 is as yet helpless against lapses as much as its older versions.

What are the common problems and how to deal with them?

Failing Bluetooth Feature

Quite possibly the most widely recognized Bluetooth problem is the point at which it will not link. Assuming your Bluetooth gadget isn’t working, ensure that it’s turned on and that your PC is noticeable to different gadgets. You can observe this in your Action Center, and you’ll have the option to check whether it’s enacted and what gadgets are now associated.

Likewise, check the other device’s Bluetooth is visible, working, and the gadget is charged. Here and there a restart can help. Assuming the issue continues, the subsequent stage is Bluetooth drivers update.

Fast Battery Draining 

Assuming you have recently moved up to Windows 11/10, odds are good that the new form has impacted battery life. You can settle this by ensuring your drivers are updated. You can likewise shut down certain highlights you don’t require, like Cortana. 

Go to Search, type Cortana, and impair Let Cortana react to Hey Cortana.

features of automated Windows Update may likewise negatively affect the battery. You can turn it off by going to Update and Security, then, at that point, Windows Update. Select Advanced Options and switch Off to Choose how updates are conveyed.

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An excessive number of Windows 10 and Windows 11 Notifications

Few popups are fine, but too many will impede work and play. To tweak your notifications, go to Settings > System > Notifications and Actions. You can pick which applications can show popups and which ones can send you just alerts.

Files opened on different apps 

In the event that you’re opening documents and they’re not opening with the application you need, there’s a simple fix. You should simply track down the file extension and make it to the application you need.

To begin with, open Settings and go to System and Default applications. Look down to the “Pick a default application” segment and snap on the type you need to change. If the application you need isn’t recorded, look down and select Choose another application. Presently, track down the file and pick your favoured application from the rundown.

Issues with updating and installing store apps

In case your applications can’t update or install on their own, you can have a go at updating your Microsoft Store. In the Store, open settings and afterwards click Download and updates> Get updates. Otherwise, try the troubleshooting part.

Decrease in Internet Speed of Windows 11

People are also encountering slow web speed with the latest update to the Windows OS. Tragically, there’s no simple fix for anybody utilizing VPNs. Nonetheless, Microsoft knows about this Windows 11 issue and is doing its part to solve the issues. Meanwhile, check with your internet data provider and see if the fault is at their end.

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