Microsoft will unveil the next generation of Windows on June 24 at a virtual event. The new operating system is expected to bring a UI overhaul and a brand-new Windows App Store. Microsoft will detail the features that will come with the next-gen Windows operating system at a new virtual event later this month. At Build 2021, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella teased the arrival of the next version of Windows. In the past, reports have claimed the new operating system is codenamed Project Sun Valley.

The Redmond US based technology giant has a new event listed on its website for June 24 at 11: 00 Eastern Time (20:30 CEST). Users can go to the events page to schedule a reminder of the event. Microsoft has also posted a tweet on Windows Twitter handle that the event will highlight what is coming to Windows. An image attached to the event indicates a slight change in the Windows logo. In his keynote presentation at Build 2021, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the next-generation Windows update is the most significant in the past decade.

I have hosted one of the most significant updates to Windows itself in recent months and look forward to the next generation of Windows, “said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. “We talked about how this update will unleash great economic opportunities for developers and creators. And our promise to you is that today we will create even more opportunities for Windows developers and welcome creators looking for an innovative new open platform to develop, distribute and monetize applications. In addition to the significant changes and new monetization options, developers and others have reported some of the features coming to Windows 10, including new system icons, end of Windows 95 icons and more. It was a television spectacle this week with the Orbital Gadgets 360 podcast in which we discussed 8K screen sizes, QLE, LED panels and offered buying advice.

There are some big changes that are coming to Windows. Microsoft is working under the code name Sun Valley on a comprehensive visual rejuvenation of the operating system. Many of these changes stem from the work the company has completed on Windows 10X, the lightweight version of Windows that was supposed to rival Chrome OS, but this project was scrapped. Now that Microsoft is ready to switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11, we can expect some major visual changes to reflect this.

Microsoft seems ready to address a lot of ongoing issues and fixes with plans to rearrange apps, multi-monitor issues, the upcoming Xbox Auto HDR feature and improved Bluetooth audio support. There will also be significant changes in the way Windows interface. These include a new start menu, new system icons for File Explorer, end-of-Windows 95 era improvements, and icons for dragging Windows users past dialog boxes. Rounded corners and updates for built-in Windows apps are also planned.

Perhaps the biggest problem still waiting to be fixed is the Windows Store. Microsoft has worked in recent months on a new app store for Windows and rumors suggest that it will be a marked departure from what is available today. Nadella has promised to create greater economic opportunities for developers and creators under Windows, and the Windows App Store seems an obvious way to do so. Microsoft is revamping how it allows developers to submit Windows applications, which include browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

To improve the store, Microsoft is reportedly considering allowing third-party trading platforms and apps. This would mean that Microsoft would not cut back on developers who use its own app-buying systems.

The switch to Windows 11 comes as a surprise to Microsoft. After splitting Windows into two in 2018, Panos Panay shifted some of its Windows development to Panos Panay last year to take control. It was a clear admission from Microsoft that the Windows division was not working, after months of a chaotic Windows 10 development experience that delayed Windows updates, missed important new features, and had many Windows Update issues.

The company has called Windows 10 the last version of Windows, and its biggest push has been to position Windows as an update service. New versions of Windows will help boost Microsoft’s sales. Updates to Windows are major changes that are shipped every year.

Turning to Windows 11, what is not clear from Microsoft’s update naming problems is whether the company will introduce a point release like Windows 11.1. This will help consumers and IT administrators understand which version is the latest. OEMs will be pleased to see Windows 11 released. A new version of Windows will boost sales of new hardware and interest in the platform. If Microsoft can underpin this with a new user interface and a fresh look and feel for Windows, it is a typical playbook that we have known from Windows for decades.

It won’t be long before we find out if Microsoft is ready to dial the version number for Windows 11. Windows Elevent, as I call it, starts at 11 a.m. ET on June 24

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