Personal computers, laptops, and other electronic devices and gadgets, including smartphones, are the heart of our lives. Computers are mandatory for many professional jobs and personal life entertainment and management. But widespread use of computers may also result in frequent troubles and issues related to these productive machines.

However, you do not have to reach out to a laptop repair shop or call a computer repair service for Perth and Melbourne CBD’s computer repairs. Many issues for PC support in Perth & Melbourne can be taken care of at home. Below are some common issues and problems related to personal computers and specific troubleshooting steps and measures that can be used to overcome the problems.

Slow Performance

Many professionals and users face problems such as the frequent hangs and slow speeds of computers after usage. The web browsers may open up slowly, and there may also be a problem associated with applications, including the Microsoft Office suite. In most cases, the fragmentation of the C Drive of the computer or laptop is the main culprit.

To take care of the issue, you need to remove all the unnecessary and unused applications from your computer and perform the essential software cleanup operation. You can also use the task manager’s system check function to see which applications are using RAM and CPU the most. The Windows operating system has the disk defragmenter tool and application that you can use to defragment your device and ensure that it runs fast and smooth.

Computer Freezes

Nowadays, computers are used mostly for multitasking procedures, and hence it is even more common for them to experience the freeze issue. The RAM or Random Access Memory of the computer only has limited capability towards running the applications. If it is loaded with too many applications, the computer may not work as fast, especially when the RAM has a low capacity.

However, the freeze issues can be overcome by removing spyware, registry errors, and corrupted files. You can use the Microsoft operating system’s clean disc function or can also use reliable software for removing malware and unnecessary files. The good anti-malware and antivirus programs can again run other checks to reduce and remove infections and registry errors. The easy measure for PC repair in Melbourne & Perth costs nothing but provides you with a safe and faster PC.

The Computer Keeps Disconnecting From The Wi-Fi

When the PC’s network card does not receive full power, it keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network. A Windows operating system has the power-saver option due to which the power to the network card keeps on disconnecting. This feature can be disabled to ensure that the continuity of a Wi-Fi connection is maintained. To do that, you need to follow the below-given steps.

  1. Open “power options” and go to “advanced settings.”
  2. Here open the “wireless adaptor settings” and go into the “power saving mode’ option.
  3. Click on “maximum performance.”
  4. PC Is Not Using The Entire RAM

In some cases, it has been found that the PC does not use the entire available RAM, which results in reduced performance. The Windows operating system may have been configured only to use a certain amount of RAM. You can ensure complete utilization of the available RAM by following the steps given below.

  1. Press the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously.
  2. A box will appear where you will have to type “disconfig.”
  3. The “system configurations” window will open where you will have to move to the “Boot” tab and then click on the “advanced” options.
  4. Now click and check the box next to the “maximum memory” option. Enter the maximum amount of RAM that has been installed in the PC (in MBs).
  5. Click on “OK” and restart your PC for the improvement to take place.

Loud Noises Coming From Your Computer

Some users may find certain grinding or loud clicking noises coming from their computers. Most of the time, these noises are associated with certain rotary functions of the hard drive and/or indicate a hardware failure.

To overcome the issue, you can open up the computer’s case and inspect the cooling fans. The fans are inexpensive and can be changed at home using a screwdriver if they are worn out. Apart from the cooling fans, you may also need to check the power supply, CPU fan, and graphic cards. However, these items can be more expensive, and hence they should not be replaced if they are working fine. Tightening the screws may overcome the noise and other issues as well.

Slow Internet Speed And Browsing Experience

Both hardware and software issues can cause a slow speed of browsing and the internet. You first need to check the LAN or Wi-Fi setup and ensure that it is strong and active. However, if the LAN is working fine, you need to check the IP address registration. For this, you need to reboot the router or modem and fix any issues with the browser.

Over time, your internet browser includes a large cache and browsing history, which reduces its performance. Sometimes, certain browser extensions (that keep on failing) may reduce performance as well. In these cases, you need to keep the browsers running fast and efficiently by cleaning the internet search history and caches often. You can also uninstall and re-install your web browser to see whether the issues are resolved.

USB Port Not Working

In many cases is it has been found that the USB port malfunctions without any reason. Apart from restarting the PC, below are some other ways through which this problem can be fixed.

Uninstalling the USB Driver

Issues with the drivers of the USB port may not allow them to work correctly. You can uninstall the USB drivers, and the PC will re-install them when you restart the device, which will solve the issue. You can go to the “device manager” window, choose the “Universal Serial Bus Controller” options and uninstall the drivers. Upon restarting the computer, the drivers will be re-installed, and the USB will function again.

If the steps above do not work for you, or you are not comfortable with these steps, onsite computer services in Melbourne & Perth can help. A professional IT service provider can take care of all the issues related to office and home computer and IT systems at an affordable cost.