Data is the most valuable currency of modern times. Losing data is considered a more significant loss than losing money. SD and Micro SD cards are amongst the preferred choice of personal and professional users for carrying all their data wherever they go. Both these are flash-based memory devices usually used in smartphones and tablets. So whether it is personal data that includes your family photos, videos, memories, or essential professional information, you can’t afford to lose data these days.

Losing personal data stored in SD or micro SD card means having to bear the pain of losing all those memories you have created over the years. On the other hand, loss of official or business data could, in the worst scenario, lead to the end of your professional career or business. And one thing that you should realize sooner rather than later is that digital data is not infallible. No matter what measures you apply or what care you take, your digital data is always exposed to deletion and loss. So what’s the solution of getting the data back, which you may have lost accidentally? One of the best options is to look for free SD and micro SD data recovery software. But with so many options available, choosing a micro SD and SD data recovery software can often become an overwhelming experience.

A simple search on the internet can give you more options than you can even compare. You will know everything about the free SD and micro SD data recovery software online. However, there is no reliable tool to measure the authenticity of the claims made by most of these. You shouldn’t do when looking for a data recovery tool to pay too much attention to all the big claims put before you. It would help if you only focused on ensuring that the device you will choose does its primary job efficiently, recovering all the lost data from your SD or micro SD card. Before we talk about a few popular data recovery tools, let us first answer a couple more important questions.

Why do you need data recovery tools?

As already mentioned, data is everything these days. So when you lose your digital data, you could go all panicky and lose track of what needs to be done to get your data back. Now, if you keep yourself up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of technology, you would know that there are software solutions available that can help you either get your entire data back or at least a signification portion of it. The amount of data you retrieved using one of the SD and micro SD card data recovery products would depend on how you lost the data and what you did when the unfortunate incident happened. Some people continue to use their SD/micro SD cards even after finding out that they have lost some data. It could prove detrimental to your efforts to get your data back.

Whether you accidentaly delete some data or lose it due to some error or fault in your SD or micro SD card, you should know that there are free data recovery tools out there that are just developed for this purpose of helping you recover your important data. And if those free versions don’t work, you can buy their paid versions.

Top free SD/micro SD card data recovery software

When you start your research, you will find most of the data recovery software incredibly similar. You won’t be able to tell one from the other looking from a distance. So it would help if you compared them on all the critical parameters before making a decision. Here are a few free SD/micro SD data recovery tools that most users prefer:

Disk Drill data recovery: This is the most popular out of all the other data recovery software tools used to recover data on SD or micro SD cards. The best thing about this software is that it is straightforward to use, and it does its job of getting back your data without much fuss. If you are concerned about your data, you should have this software handy. Disk Drill is available for Windows XP and Windows 7 to Windows 10. It is free recovery software that lets you recover files up to a particular size limit.

Another benefit of using this program is that it can read a variety of different file types.

CardRecovery: This software is also quite popular amongst people who use SD cards for storing their data in smartphones, cameras, and other similar devices. This free data recovery software supports different file types, including JPG, AVI, MPG, MOV, MP3, WAV, etc. So it can be used to recovery image, audio as well as video files.

EaseUS data recovery wizard: This is considered one of the most reliable data recovery solutions for SD and micro SD cards. If you use this program, you will have a higher chance of getting your data back than any other program in its category. You can use it to recover data post formatting, deletion, and different real-life scenarios.

What to look for when choosing SD/micro SD data recovery software?

You should never compromise on the performance of the data recovery tool you choose. Consider the time it takes to recover files. Look at the file formats it supports. How does it work with corrupted or damaged files? Also, look at all the features that you will get in the free version of the software. If a paid subscription of the software or purchase of its license can guarantee you fast and guaranteed data recovery, you should go for it without any delay. A small fee is nothing in front of your essential personal or professional data.